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​Legacy sediment erosion hot spots: A cost-effective approach for targeting water quality improvements


Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 2019 


Cost Effectiveness of Legacy Sediment Mitigation at Big Spring Run in Comparison to Other Best Management Practices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed



Removing Legacy Impairments to Promote Ground and Surface Water Quality





Willingness to Invest in Legacy Sediment Mitigation: Results from a Field Experiment with Rural Landowners



Natural Streams and the Legacy of Water-Powered Mills

Science Magazine, 2008


Freeze-thaw processes and intense rainfall: the one-two punch for high sediment and nutrient loads from mid-Atlantic watersheds​

Biogeochemistry, 2018

The rise and fall of Mid-Atlantic streams: Millpond sedimentation, milldam breaching, channel incision, and stream bank erosion.

Reviews in Engineering Geology, 2013


Anthropocene streams and base-level controls from historic dams in the unglaciated mid-Atlantic region, USA

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 2011



Legacy sediment storage in New England river valleys: Anthropogenic processes in a postglacial landscape

Geomorphology, 2018

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Merritts et al 2011 Anthropocene streams